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Citrine is a Birthstone of November born. Many people attracted more to the Citrine stone, also known as the “healing quartz”, and is an different Zodiac stone for scorpion. The name Citrine comes from an old French term, “citrin”, meaning lemon. This golden gemstone has been said to support vitality and health while encouraging and leading hope, energy and warmness within the wearer. This gemstone ranges in color from the palest yellow-colored to dark amber called Madeira because of the resemblance to the red wine. The Romans were thought to be the first to wear the yellow quartz, crafting it into cabochon, or highly polished but unaffected reduces of stone set into jewelry. Citrine became more popular during the Romantic Time period, when artisans often favored these warm colored gemstones to improve gold jewelry. Citrine, like all kinds of quartz, was believed to have magical powers and was worn as a mascot against evil thoughts and snake venom. It was also considered to have medicinal properties and was commonly used as a solution for urinary and kidney ailments. It is one of the very most affordable of gemstones and plentiful in nature. Citrine birthstone is found most frequently in Brazilian, Bolivia, and Spain. Citrine charms are given as the gemstone present for the 13th and seventeenth anniversaries.


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